What to do in Birštonas?

What to do in Birštonas?

Birštonas – a royal Lithuanian resort, a constantly green and peaceful city, where one can admire the uniqueness of nature and enjoy the gushing streams of mineral water. Travelers claim that in Birštonas, one of the few Lithuanian cities, it is possible not only to relax, breathe in and feel the harmony with nature and as if come back to life, but also to spend meaningful time, the impressions of which will remain in the memory for a very long time. So what to do in Birštonas?

Bicycle rental. One of the most popular and favourite activities of travellers in Birštonas during the summer season is cycling. Local entrepreneurs offer to rent a bicycle for those who want to maintain a good psychological state, great well-being and physical activity or wish to visit the most famous objects of Birštonas as soon as possible and get to know the city better. Bicycle rental is a great way to admire the famous Žvėrinčius Forest Trail up close.

When renting a bicycle you will also receive all the necessary information about what to see in Birštonas as well as a map to make the cycling easy and hassle-free.

Tours in Birštonas resort and its surroundings. Birštonas has something to offer to those who long for the torrent of culture and history as well. The eloquent names of various tours – “Travel by Bicycle to the Birštonas Nemunas Loop”, “Get to know the Royal Birštonas Actively and Deliciously”, “Hello Birštonas!”, “Feel the Sweetly Intoxicating and Relaxing Spells of the Royal Birštonas”, “Meet the Hospitable Dzūkas of Panemunė”, etc. – allow choosing what is most pleasing to the heart according to the taste of each traveller. Each tour is an introduction to the most valuable traditions and riches of Birštonas region: the most beautiful corners of nature, the city of mineral springs and cellars of healing mud, historical.

Electric vehicle. If you like novelties and always want to try something innovative – Birštonas tempts its guests with modern and comfortable electric vehicles. You will be able to enjoy a quiet trip through the streets of the resort and explore the most remote corners of the city with it.

The electric vehicle is perfect not only for the city guests who love modernity, but also for the older travellers or those who have health issues and can’t get to know the resort the way they would like to.

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